This section displays the current status of all the websites that have been added as projects to the system.

For every website, you get access to and data from the following tools:

  • Comprehensive Keyword Rank Tracker;
  • Analytics & Traffic analysis;
  • Competitor Research;
  • Marketing Plan;
  • Website Audit;
  • Backlink Monitoring (your own and competitors’);
  • Analysis of connected social media accounts, and;
  • Many other features that help enhance website performance.

The overview provides a complete picture and valuable insights into your websites’ SEO progress.


Automatic scaling of charts on project dashboards

In Projects, users can access automatic scaling when enabling/disabling websites on charts. This means that there is an opportunity to see the scales changed in relation to the selected websites and take a closer look at figures when excluding a particular website. The feature is also available under My Competitors > Visibility Rating. 

The figures in multiple line graphs are combined into one tooltip. You can find such graphs in the All Projects dashboard, Rankings (Overall and Historical Data), My Competitors, and other sections. Just hover the mouse over one of the points to see the whole picture with all the figures for this particular period collected in one list. This will allow you to compare various parameters, such as average position, traffic forecast, search visibility, etc., and analyze charts more conveniently as a result.