SEO/PPC Competitor Research

This tool helps determine which keywords the target domain/url is ranked for, discover your competitors’ paid ads strategy, learn all the competitors in the paid and organic search results for the targeted query.

To start with, choose the domain or the keyword you want to analyze. The list of countries available for research is updated on a regular basis. When all settings are chosen, click “Analyze”.

  • If you analyze a domain/URL, you will get a list of keywords that the website uses in organic and paid traffic, website pages and subdomains with the biggest traffic, as well as sites that receive organic and paid traffic for similar keywords.
  • If you analyze a keyword, you will find alternative keywords similar or identical to the analyzed keywords, their search volume, CPC, competition, KEI, the number of sites in SERPs, and traffic cost according to Google Ads. Also, you will see pages in the organic and paid search that are ranked for the selected keywords.

How to find

Hover over the “Tools” tab and click “SEO/PPC Competitor Research”. You can also hit the “Tools” module, hover over “SEO/PPC Competitor Research” and click “Open the tool”.

SEO/PPC Competitor Research