Summary tab overview


The Summary tab offers an easy way to quickly evaluate key project indicators among search engines, keywords, pages, top positions and competitors. All of the data in this tab is pulled from multiple parts of your projects in SE Ranking.

Use the left-hand side menu to navigate to Rankings -> Summary


Here you will find all the indicators divided into data blocks:

  1. Search visibility - a graph that represents the total percentage of impressions a website gets over time in a given search engine for all keywords added to a project.
  2. Average position - this graph shows the average position of a website which is calculated by adding all positions over a certain period of time and dividing them by the total number of keywords in a project.
  3. Organic traffic - this chart shows the total number of clicks on organic SERP snippets over a period of time.
  4. Distribution of top positions - here you can find total numbers of site ranking positions in organic search depending on the number of positions occupied among the top 1, top 3, top 5, top 10, top 30, and top 100 search results. Hovering over By search engine will bring up a distribution of top position by search engine.
  5. Keywords in SERP - these are the numbers of keywords for which your web pages are ranking at the top of the search results. The scale shows which keyword rankings have improved, declined, or stayed the same.
  6. Keyword overview shows lists of top, improved and declined keywords which can be analyzed by positions and visibility. Clicking on the View All button will show you a full list for the category
  7. Pages - here you can view all the pages of your site that are ranking at the top of the SERPs, have jumped or dropped with regard to their current ranking positions.
  8. Competitors show all of the sites that are ranking among the top 5 search results for all of the tracked keywords and sort them by search visibility.
  9. Distribution of competitors - here you can see the distribution of competitors in organic search results depending on the number of keywords they are ranked for, the average position of these keywords and the search visibility of the site.
  10. Notes - here you can find the latest project notes and search engines updates.