Creating scheduled reports

Scheduled reports
are reports that are automatically sent out to specified recipients based on a predetermined schedule.

To create a scheduled report, go to the Report Builder tab in the top horizontal navigation bar → Scheduled → press the “ Generate a Report ” button.


Then you will see a pop-up window on the screen. Choose the project you want to create a report for and come up with a title for it.


The next thing you will see is the report generator. To customize the report, follow these steps:


  1. Specify the reporting period.
You can specify the reporting period using quick filters, such as:
  • A day
  • Last week
  • Last two weeks
  • Last month
The reporting period is the timeframe you want to create a report for. The day of sending out the document is included in the specified period.

 2.    Choose the file format:
  • PDF;
  • XLS;
  • HTML.

Detailed information about each file format can be found here .

  3.    Choose a template.

If you want to use a pre-structured report template instead of creating a report from scratch, choose one here. Learn about report templates and how they can help you in the “ Pre-structured Templates ” section.

  4.   Set the reporting frequency:

  • Daily
  • Every week
  • Every month

Reports will be sent out to the specified recipients based on the set frequency.

  5.    Enter the emails of the recipients. You can add up to 5 email addresses.

  6.    Customize the report by adding sections.

Add new sections to the report or delete existing ones, if you’re using a template. Click here to find out more about working with report sections.

  7.     Press the “Save report” button.

Your report will be ready in under 5 minutes. Once it’s ready, it will be sent out to the specified recipients based on the set frequency.


To edit any of the reports, go to the Report Builder, pick the Scheduled Reports section and click the report name or hit the editing button that will appear when you hover over the report that you’d like to edit.