On-Page SEO Checker Overview


On-Page SEO Checker helps analyze a web page to reveal errors that prevent certain pages from ranking high in SERPs. So, basically, SE Ranking evaluates a page to see how well it is optimized for a certain query, as well as compares it with the top competitors and helps you choose your individual plan to improve search rankings. You’ll get a complete list of errors, regardless of whether they are small or critical, as well as recommendations for improving your page score. You can also view the Content Score in the On-Page SEO Checker, comparing your score with that of your competitors. Gain valuable insights to outperform the competition and make impactful content improvements.

How to find

Hover over Audit and choose On-Page SEO Checker from the drop-down menu.  


IP servers

If necessary, you can whitelist our IP addresses. Here’s our guide that describes how to do this in detail.