Email settings

Email template settings

Under White label , you can change the default greeting and footer of the emails that the service will send out on your behalf (for example, scheduled reports).

Upload a logo that will be displayed in emails, indicate the company name, the subject line, header and footer text. You can also customize the text, add links to it and get a preview of the email.


Click “Apply changes” once the email looks the way you want it to.

Sending reports from your own SMTP server

In this section, you can choose to use your SMTP server for sending out emails. Scheduled reports, manual emails, system notifications can be sent from your address, for example,

Once you’ve filled out all the fields, send a test email to any email address to make sure the settings are correct.


Connecting and troubleshooting Gmail SMTP

You can connect any of your SMTP servers to use for sending reports from SE Ranking. In this official Gmail Help article, you can find everything you need to connect and troubleshoot your Gmail SMTP.

Make sure you are using the correct SMTP server settings.

If you are having trouble connecting Gmail SMTP, try these troubleshooting steps described in the article.