Keyword Suggestions

The first step in building a strong website and have it among the top search results is the keyword research. With SE Ranking, you can research keywords both using the platform internal database and search engines suggestions for Google, Yahoo and Bing.

The search engine suggestion is a popular query that starts the same as your search query, and is displayed in a special box under the search bar when entering a phrase. By including them in the semantic core, you will reach far more users who are looking for products and services in your niche.

How to find it

Hover over the “Tools” tab and click “Keyword Suggestions”. You can also hit the “Tools” module, hover your mouse over “Keyword Suggestions” and click “Open the tool”.

Keyword Suggestions

SE Ranking internal database

The keywords research in the SE Ranking internal database is completely free.

1. In the “Source” field, select “SE Ranking internal database”.
2. Choose the database country.
3. Specify the query you want to get keywords for.
4. Click the “Start search” button.

Keyword suggestions

Search engine suggestions

1. In the “Source” field, select “Search engine suggestions”.
2. Select the search engine to collect suggestions: Google, Yahoo, Bing.
3. Select a country.
4. Set the search depth for gathering suggestions – if you select 2 and 3 depths, the system will gather more suggestions for the options gathered in the previous stage (the number of cycles depends on the depth). The depth 1 means that the suggestions will be collected once for the keywords you’ve specified.
5. You may enter a set of the symbols that will be added to the query (plus the space) to gather extra suggestions:
“query [a-z]” – the system will put a space after the query and will alternately add letters, collecting available search suggestions.
“query [0-9]” – the system will put a space after the query and will alternately add numbers from 0 to 9, collecting available search suggestions.
query [_]” – the system will put a space after the query and will collect available search suggestions.

6. Enter the words for which keywords should be suggested, one per line.

Check the settings and click “Start search”.

search engines suggestions


The “Results” tab shows the suggestions search history, namely, the last 100 search results. To see the details, click the view icon next to the query you need. Using the delete button, you can delete the search results for any query.

SE Ranking keywords suggestions results

For suggestions, you can do the following:

  • add to your project (to track the positions for these queries);
  • export (in XLS or CSV format).