Reports FAQ

Can I customize website audit or on-page seo checker reports?
Does SE Ranking generate scheduled reports?


Can I customize Website audit or On-page SEO checker reports?

Audit reports are created based on the default report template. Having a subscription plan with White Label allows you to customize it via the Templates tab in Report Builder.

Once you are in it, open the default template’s settings to add the logos and company name you need. If the list of templates is still empty, create a new one, and it will be used as the default template.


Does SE Ranking generate scheduled reports?

To send your report on a schedule, you can activate the corresponding option in its settings and specify the following parameters for sending: frequency (daily/weekly/monthly), day of the week, and time of day (including time zones). You can also add up to 5 recipient email addresses. To save these settings, click the “Save” button in the top right corner of the page.