Competitive Research Overview


With the help of the Competitive Research tool, you can discover what keywords any domain or URL ranks for in organic and paid search, learn who you’re going up against in organic and paid search based on common keywords, and find out what your competitors’ paid ads strategy is.

To start using the tool, you need to enter a domain or URL , select the region you want to analyze, and click “Analyze”. Note that we update the list of available country databases on a regular basis.

Once you click “Analyze”, you will get a list of keywords that the analyzed website uses to drive traffic from organic and paid search, you’ll see which pages and subdomains get most traffic, and which sites drive traffic by targeting the same or similar keywords.

How to find

The Competitive Research tool is available on the left side menu.


Access to Competitive Research from Project settings 

You can access the Competitive Research tool from Project settings to quickly review your competitors or select websites for analysis. This feature will be helpful if you don't know your competitors, are doubtful about which websites to add, and for creating a keyword list. Learn how to access Competitive Research from the Project settings when you add competitors and keywords to your project.

Access to Competitive Research from Projects

You can also navigate to Competitive Research from Projects . It is possible for every domain next to which you have clicked on the “Research this domain” button.