How to manage Keyword Grouper results

“Keyword Grouper” ->”Results”
is where the results of the last 100 clustering sessions are stored. Click the arrow to view the results.

Keyword grouping results

The results are presented in a table.

1. Number of keywords added for clustering for this particular project.
2. Number of groups created based on the results of search engine scanning.
3. Grouping accuracy.
4. The button used to export grouping results to Excel. You can choose the groups you want to export by ticking the respective checkboxes.

5. Click on the triangle next to the group to unfold the details.

1. Column with queries from the same group.
2. Search volume data (available only if the option was enabled).
3. Number of matching URLs found during the search engine scan (adjusted for the lowest accuracy level).
4. List of TOP-10 sites for the specific keyword in the specified search engine. Hit “Show” in the corresponding column to view the list.

5. Queries from the snippet are marked in bold. Hit “Show” in the corresponding column to view the words.