Organic SERP History

Organic SERP History is a feature that allows you to view SERP results for past months within our Keyword Research tool. You can view and export data from this module for any past month going back to February 2020.

This feature is fully available to users under Business and Enterprise subscription plans. Pro plan subscribers can view data for the current and 3 previous months. Essential plan subscribers do not have access to this feature.

How to find

The Organic SERP History can be accessed via the left-hand side menu in the Keyword Research tool.

Keyword Research_Organic SERP History_S1

Feature overview

Here you can see the Top 100 search results for the keyword you are researching and compare them to previous months. Keyword Research_Data_S2 

  1. Data for/Compare to. Here you can select months of data to compare. Checkbox the Show data for a period option to include all months in between the selected ones. Keep in mind that 1 limit will be deducted per each month selected.
  2. Ranking Dynamics. This is a chart that shows the rankings changes for each selected page from the SERPs. Use checkboxes next to URLs below to put them on the chart for comparison.
  3. Filters. Here you can filter the SERP results by top ranges and specific URLs as well switch between URL and Domain display mode.
  4. SERP results. This block shows you all search results from the Top 100 for the selected months. Clicking on a URL here will show you the position changes between months. Here you can also use the kebab menu to visit or research any of the displayed pages.