Ranking settings

To configure the rankings table, select a project and go to the “Rankings” tab “Settings” "Ranking settings".

Select the desired settings in the pop-up.
Ranking settings_S2 
1. Show charts on "View Rankings" page. Charts are displayed on the Rankings page by default. If you want to remove them, untick this checkbox in the Ranking settings.

2. Show all search engines data. Allows ranking data for every added search engine to be displayed by default in Detailed view and Historical data.

3. Charts on view rankings by default. The specified chart will be displayed by default for all account projects. 

4. View rankings page by default. The specified table view will be displayed by default for all account projects. For more information, see the "Data view options" section.

5.  The number of keywords per page.

6. Landing URLs view.

  • Icon – the URL details are displayed once the icon is clicked.
  • Full – the URL found for the query and is displayed under the corresponding query.

7. Table settings

Here you can select which columns you want to see in the rankings table by default:

  • Search volume
  • Competition
  • Results
  • Dynamics
  • SERP Features
  • Or other

For more information about columns and how to customize them, see the "Columns" section.

You can also customize the amount of data to display, table view mode, sorting, and chart notes visibility.