User seats and how they work


Each subscription plan offers a limited number of unique User seats. By default, 1 user seat is occupied by the account administrator. Here’s a breakdown of the user seat limits included in our subscription plans:

  • Essential plan subscribers: 1 user seat (occupied by the administrator)
  • Pro plan subscribers: up to 3 total user seats
  • Business plan subscribers: up to 5 total user seats
Disclaimer: SE Ranking values the security of your data. That is why we have a “one login per user” policy in place. It means that only one person can be logged in to the account at a time. We strongly discourage sharing your username and password with anyone as it may compromise your data. When a different browser or device is used to login into the same account, the original user is locked out. The original user will see where the login attempt is made from. At that point, they can choose to continue their session or allow the other user to take over. You can create user profiles for each member of your team via the Users module in your account.

How to add more User seats?

Regardless of your subscription plan, you can purchase additional user seats once you reach the limit (monthly fee).

To purchase additional User seats, navigate to the Billing page in your account and click on the Extend the limit button next to User seats.

Select the number of additional user seats and click on Buy.

Buy user seats

By default, automatic renewal is enabled for the User seat subscription. You can disable automatic renewal at any time via the Edit button next to User seats on the Subscription page of your account.

What happens when the User seat subscription expires?

Once your User seat subscription expires, any Users added on top of your default limit will be blocked. They won’t be able to access the platform until you renew your User seat subscription or upgrade to a subscription plan with a higher User seat limit.