Domain name personalization

SE Ranking provides two ways of customizing your domain name:

  1. Set up your own address in the SE Ranking Cloud. 
  2. Configure a sub-domain of a site you own

The first option is suitable when you don’t need to conceal references to SE Ranking but still want to customize your URL a bit. But if you need a fully White Labeled setup, you should opt for the second option.

Customizing your address in the SE Ranking Cloud

This setting allows you to add a custom subdomain to the default address, 

To get it to work, you only have to specify your preferred subdomain in the following field:


As soon as you apply the changes, you’ll be able to access your account via the specified address, for instance, 

Setting up a custom sub-domain

Unlike the previous option, this setting allows you to set up a fully personalized address without any references to SE Ranking in the URL. Please note that you must have your own website with access to its DNS settings before  configuring a sub-domain. 


  1. Open your DNS settings and create a new CNAME record. 
  2. In the field for record name, enter your preferred subdomain. For example, if you’d like to access SE Ranking via, enter `bestcustomer`:
  3. Point the record to The name of the field may vary depending on your provider. For instance, it may be called “Value”, “Target” or something else. If in doubt, please contact your provider to confirm the field’s title in your system:
  4. Once you’ve created a record, open the Personal domain names page in your SE Ranking account. Enter the full address under “Personal domain name of your company”:
  5. Click “Activate SSL certificate” and wait a few minutes until the SSL is configured. 


  • “I’ve created a record for my root domain but SE Ranking says it’s an incorrect domain name.”

Our White label solution is designed to funсtion with sub-domains like, and we strongly recommend creating a sub-domain to ensure a smooth experience. If you’d like to set up a record for your root domain (e.g., you may do so, but please be aware that we cannot guarantee a seamless experience, and our team won’t be able to provide any assistance with this configuration.

  • “I’ve created a record for a sub-domain but SE Ranking says it’s an incorrect domain name.”

Our system is designed to verify the global propagation of your CNAME record when you enter the address in SE Ranking. This ensures that your custom address will be accessible to all visitors. You can confirm if your CNAME record has been propagated using websites like or similar services.