Agency Pack FAQ

What is the SE Ranking's Agency Pack?
What is included in the Agency Pack?
How to buy the Agency Pack?

What is the SE Ranking Agency Pack?

Our Agency Pack is a powerful add-on created to complement your SE Ranking subscription. This add-on is specifically designed to empower agencies at every stage of the client management cycle, helping them gain new clients while nurturing existing ones. Its exclusive features can boost your agency’s efficiency.

What is included in the Agency Pack?

The SE Ranking Agency Pack offers a variety of tools for SEO monitoring, analysis, and reporting. Here are the additional benefits you’ll receive when you purchase the AP subscription. 

White Label

Transform SE Ranking into your very own SEO service by personalizing the interface, creating custom-made reports, and even sending them from your own SMTP server.

White Label reporting

Fully customize your reports by adding your brand’s logo, colors, and other distinctive elements, giving them a more professional look. 

Client seats
Invite up to 10 specialists you cooperate with and grant them access to view various data on the SE Ranking platform (e.g., graphs, platform sections, etc.). Invited users are not allowed to create and manage projects or change info. 

Lead Generator

Generate leads by installing this neat little widget on your site. It provides website visitors with a detailed report on the technical health of a page. In exchange for the report, visitors are prompted to provide their email. You will receive 100 leads per month with the Agency Pack. 

Scheduled reports

Create SEO reports in Report Builder that can be scheduled to be automatically sent to certain people on designated days. The frequency can be adjusted, and the number of schedulable reports is unlimited.  

Package pricing

The Agency Pack can be purchased along with Pro and Business pricing plans but on annual subscriptions only. If you are using a trial account, you also have access to the Agency Pack. The add-on itself is subscription-based and costs $50 per month (billed annually). 

How to buy the Agency Pack

To buy the Agency Pack, you must have an annual subscription to either the Pro or Business plan. If you don’t have a subscription yet, you can visit our plans & pricing page. Scroll down to the Agency Pack section, activate the Pay annually option, and click Buy Now.

Agency Pack_subscriptions_S1 

Additionally, you can log in to your account on the SE Ranking platform and purchase subscription with the Agency Pack there:

Agency Pack_buy at platform_S2