Backlinks FAQ

What is the difference between backlink monitoring and backlink checker?
How to delete links from the backlink monitoring tool?

What is the difference between Backlink Monitoring and Backlink Checker?

The Backlink Monitoring module allows to track the backlinks of your website and their parameters. You can manually add all the links, import a list from Google Search Console or any .CSV file. The status of all added links will be checked automatically every week.

The Backlink Checker tool helps you discover the backlinks of any domain/URL, and, if necessary, analyze them against over 15 parameters. The tool works perfectly for the link popularity audit of any domain, including that of your competitors.

How to delete links from the Backlink Monitoring tool?

To delete backlinks, go to Backlink Monitoring tool, tick the checkmark next to the links you want to delete from the table, then choose the “Delete” option from the upper menu, as shown below.