Website Audit Overview


Website Audit determines how well a website (yours, a competitor’s, or a client’s) is optimize
for search engines and whether it contains any issues that are hindering its performance. All web pages of the site are scanned during the audit, and upon completion, you can immediately see the full scope of optimization work to be done. Our crawler always follows the instructions specified in the robots.txt file. The user agent of our crawler is "SEBot-WA". 

The Website Audit report provides a solution to each issue along with links to useful information on the topic. Here’s what the tool checks:

  • Domain metrics;
  • Technical parameters (security, page load time, HTTP status codes, redirects);
  • Page indexation status;
  • Page breakdown (meta tags, links, etc.);
  • Page resources (images, CSS, JavaScript);
  • Internal and external links.

IP addresses

If necessary, you can whitelist our IP addresses (Cloudflare only). Here’s our guide that describes how to do this in detail.
How to find

There are two ways you can access the tool. Click "Projects" in the left side menu and select Website Audit in the submenu.

Website Audit_Menu_S1
You can also find the project you’re interested in on the main dashboard (in the All Projects section), click the three-dot menu and go to Website Audit

All Projects_Website Audit_S1

Website Audit stand-alone

In response to popular demand, we made a stand-alone version of our Website Audit tool. This update enables you to run and view audits independently without the need to link them to any of your projects. Rest assured, all the features from the classic Website Audit are available in this new version, so both the workflow and limits will remain the same.