Expand Database

If you can’t find all the necessary data in the Competitive Research tool, you can expand our database with your own list of keywords. That way, you’ll get a detailed analysis of the domain you’re interested in.

How does it work?

Let’s say you need to get more data on organic and paid traffic for your or your competitor’s domain, but our tool doesn’t have all the necessary data – we still have a long way to go before we cover every search query out there.

If you come across a similar situation, you can use our tool to expand the Competitive Research database.

Adding keywords to expand the database

  1. In order to add keywords, all you have to do is pick a region from the list of available Google databases.

It’s essential that you do this because our platform adds keywords to the database of a specific country. Moreover, every new added keyword will be analyzed only for the specified country. For example, let’s say you added a search query like “labor day gift ideas” to the US Google database. In this case, if you want to get an analysis of organic and paid search results for the same search query for Canada, you’ll have to separately add it to Google’s database for USA’s northern neighbor.

   2.   Next, upload a list of topically-related keywords.

You can either enter the keywords one by one or upload them in a list in a .CSV file but make sure that every keyword is placed on its own line.

Competitive Research_Database Expansion_S1 
Done! Your keywords have now been added to the processing queue.
As soon as we update the database—we do this on a monthly basis—you’ll be able to get a full overview of organic and paid traffic, as well as information on various metrics along with the SERP data on each added keyword.

Database expansion stages

To find out how many keywords you can upload, how many are currently being processed or have already been added to the database, just take a look at the top panel or the multicolored pie chart shown below.


Being processed refers to the number of keywords that are already being analyzed by our platform.

Added to database refers to the number of keywords that have already been processed and successfully added to the database. These keywords can now be used when analyzing your domain or that of a competitor.

Can still be added refers to the number of keywords that can be added to the database for analysis within the limits specified in your subscription plan.

History of added keywords

Use the “History of added keywords” table to find out what keyword lists you’ve already added. Get data on when it was added, how many keywords, to which search engine, for which regions, and the processing stage of each keyword list.


How many keywords can be added?

The Competitive Research database can only be expanded if you’re subscribed to the Plus or Enterprise plan. The number of keywords that can be added depends on your pricing plan.