Search Volume Checker

With this tool, you can determine the search volume for specified queries based on Google’s Keyword Planner data.

How to find

Hover over the “Tools” tab and click “Search Volume Checker”. You can also hit the “Tools” module, hover your mouse over “Search Volume Checker” and click “Open the tool”.


How to use


1. Choose a service to check the search volume – Google Keyword Planner.
2. Choose a country to check the search volume.
3. Specify the queries to check the search volume.
4. Click “Start search” to start checking.

The check can take up to 10 minutes, depending on the system’s workload.


In the “Results” tab, you can see the history of the search volume check, namely, the last 100 tasks. To open the details, click the view icon next to the query you need. Using the delete button, you can remove the check results for any query.

The results page shows the number of searches for the specified keywords. You can export the data in the .XLS and .CSV formats.