Pages with poor-quality content

The Content Score is a measure of content quality and relevance, both of which can influence rankings in organic search results. The score is calculated based on many factors, such as character count, headings, paragraphs, and images. It also considers the use of keywords in the article overall and in the headings specifically. 

This insight displays pages that are ranking in search results but have a lower than average Content Score and fall behind the top 10 competitors. The Content Score for each page is shown next to the link, along with the associated keyword.


How it works

All pages with a low content score are presented in the main Insights section. Only pages with Content Scores lower than 60 or worse than the average of other competitors in the top 10 appear in this section. So even if your page has a very high Content Score, it will still be marked as poor-quality if your competitors' pages have a better average Content Score. 

Each case of poor-quality content should be analyzed and addressed on an individual basis. Click on the View All button to open a table with all underperforming pages.


After that, you can click on the number in the Content Score column to see more information about each page. Or, you could run a detailed analysis (you will be transferred to the Content Editor tool).