Backlink anchors

Under the Anchors tab, you can find data on the most common anchor texts that are used in the backlinks and within referring domains that link out to the analyzed domain/URL. For every anchor you can see the number of referring domains/backlinks that contain the anchor along with the share of referring domains/backlinks using a particular anchor.


In the table further down the page, you will find a list of anchor texts. You can filter anchor texts by the number of words, referring domains, backlinks with a specific anchor text, and dofollow backlinks.

Upon clicking on a metric under the Referring domains column, a list of domains will open up in the table along with the anchor text and the number of links that link out from each domain.

If you click a number that shows the number of backlinks that have the same anchor text, a list of such backlinks will open. You’re welcome to click each link to see what the webpage that contains the backlink looks like.