Purchasing a subscription plan

Purchasing a subscription from the trial account

To upgrade the free trial to a paid account, log in to your account and go to the Billing page.


By clicking “Buy a subscription”, you are prompted to select a package.

Choose the subscription period, check frequency and product. Click “Buy Now” to proceed to the Checkout page of our billing partner Stripe.


You have the option to pay either as a Person or as a Company using the business name. To avoid paying VAT – choose to make payments as a Company and add the VAT ID into a separate field.

After purchasing a subscription plan, the trial account will be deactivated.

Upgrading a subscription

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan anytime. To do this, go to the Billing section in the account settings and click “Change plan,” then select your new plan and click “Buy.” The system will automatically calculate the cost differences for each plan and present it for you to review. The updated subscription will have the same end date as your previous subscription if you didn't change the payment period during the plan upgrade/downgrade procedure.

If you selected another payment period (e.g., instead of the first month of the year, switched to the last, or vice versa), then some adjustments will be made upon plan upgrade/downgrade. Your new subscription start date will be the day you made the upgrade/downgrade. The end date is the day according to your selected payment period. You will see the final price on the checkout page. If you switch to a cheaper plan, the cost difference will be credited to your Stripe account. For all following SE Ranking purchases, we will charge funds directly from your Stripe balance.

Billing_Upgrade plan_S5

Renewing a subscription

To renew a subscription plan, go to the Billing page and click the corresponding button.

Billing_renew sub_S6 
alert If you do not extend the subscription plan within 60 days, the data in the account will be deleted.

The email about the auto-renewal that includes instructions on how to cancel your subscription is sent 7 days before the renewal.

To disable auto-renewal, follow these instructions.

Canceling a subscription

To cancel your subscription, turn off the auto-renewal setting in your account. This can be done through the “Current plan” page by clicking the “Cancel automatic renewal” button in the block with your current plan. Please note that doing so will also disable auto-renewal for any add-ons purchased together with your plan.



All your invoices are available in the Invoices section of your SE Ranking account.